C.A.F. Bottle Caps the original "circle products" since © 2004


This is a basic set up for a button, it will help you with setting up other items too. There are three basic options but the creativity is endless. You provide a logo/design, choose colors for top-side-and border.

There is the pin back on the bottom of the bottle cap. It is used with a
massive glue that sticks till the very end.

Circle Buttons/O'buttons are hand painted and glossed bottle caps.
Each bottle cap receives a 3/4 inch pin back on the back.
The most common set up of an O'button:

  • Your band name + solid base coat

  • Your design + top base coat + side base + with or without border

  • Provide me a logo and I will set it up

  • Custom logo designs are an extra fee